Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a Split system cost?
The most common size being a 2.5hp 7.0KW which would Heat or Cool a average 50sqm liviing room is aprox $2600.00 installed. A bedroom size system being a 1.0hp or 2.6KW is aprox $1800.00. Price varies on the manufacturer and installation type.

Q. How much does a Ducted Air Conditioning system cost approximately?

  • Single Storey House complete $7700.00
  • Two storey house, top floor only $6500.00
  • Two storey house complete $9500.00

Q. What is an Inverter?
Inverter GraphPut simply, an Inverter driven Air Conditioner has the ability to change the speed of the compressor pumping the Hot or Cold gasses to your Air Conditioner.

Its speed is dependent on how much Heating or Cooling is required to satisfy the thermostat setting.

It runs (the majority of the time), at a reduced speed giving you a more consistant room temperature, lower running noise and most importantly up to a 30% reduction in running cost.

Q. What sort of warranty comes with the system?
A manufacturers full 5 years parts and labour warranty applies to all systems we install.

Q. What brands of air conditioners do you sell and recommend?
We sell and recommend Panasonic, Fujitsu and Daikin because they have an excellent track record of high-quality, reliable systems. They are also on the cutting edge of technology so they are constantly releasing new and innovative systems that are more efficient and more reliable.

Q. How long does it take from getting the quotation to installation?
A. We can have the system installed and operating within 1 week of accepting the quotation. The whole job is completed within one day.

Please note: The prices are quoted here are approximations and are not quote prices. For an accurate quote you will need to arrange a Shire Air sales engineer to view the site.